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Kindle-proof books?

Are some books Kindle-proof, as this article suggests?  Then let me wave my literary freak flag high: My books are illustrated with hundreds of color photographs (and illustrations, maps, floor plans, handwriting samples, etc.), incorporate fragmented page designs, and can be read front to back (or vice versa, and every way in between). The designers and I have sweated blood over typography and white space (an overlooked casualty of electronic formats). Copious end matter (and front matter, for that matter) includes charts, glyphs, timelines and other running texts, indexes, and colophons. Bindings are 3 feet wide or split down the center or have hand-glued covers (thank you, Random House).  According to this story, my books are batting 6 out of 7.  Perhaps a few zeroes should be added to their cover price and, in time (say, 2 years), they can be marketed as rare antiquities.  That said, it was a thrill seeing Full of Grace on iPad!

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