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Full of Grace: Encountering Mary in Faith, Art and Life (2010)

Fifty-nine meditations on the Virgin Mary’s impact on history, theology, art, and contemporary life. Random House (352 pages, fully illustrated, 7.7 x 9.5”) Catholic Press Awards: First Place, Spirituality; First Place, Design and Production.


Dupré’s text offers insights into the Virgin Mary as a mother and as a religious icon. Visits to the great shrines of Marian pilgrimage—Lourdes, Medjugorje, Fatima, and the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe—underscore the author’s journey to find Mary’s meaning in her own life. In an essay about Mary in the Qur’an, we see how Mary, far from being an exclusively Catholic figure, emerges as one of the central women in Islam. Another piece details the author’s travels in the Holy Land, a landscape wracked by religious strife but still overflowing with the spirit of generosity that Mary embodies. From Sudanese refugee camps to the painful reminders of Auschwitz, from the struggle of divorce to the challenges of raising a child with autism, we see how Mary’s tenderness, bravery, and grace infuse the story of every mother. For men and women seeking to better understand their own life journey, this book looks at the many miracles, large and small, along the way.  Accompanied by a range of images, from classic Renaissance portraits to unexpected contemporary portraits.

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"A rare gem: elegantly written, beautifully illustrated, theologically and historically sound, ecumenically minded, and a potential delight to all, even those who think they have no interest in the Virgin Mary."


Carlos Eire, T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History & Religious Studies, Yale University  

"Intriguing . . . eccentric . . . an astonishing range of images . . . [Dupré] writes with lyricism and insight"


The New York Times

"Fifty-nine meditations (the number of beads on a traditional rosary) on Mary by a superb writer. She possesses a poetic sensitivity for images that express what words alone can't."


Fr. James L. Heft, National Catholic Reporter

"Scared child. Proud parent. Beloved icon. Soul sister. In her startlingly beautiful new book . . . Dupré uses each of these phrases to describe the Virgin Mary."


Cathleen Falsani, The Dude Abides blog

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