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My writing workshops help writers or would-be writers uncover and tell their own stories. Sessions include guided writing exercises. Varied approaches—music, walking, drawing—are used to jumpstart creative expression. 

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Identity Community Workshop
Identity and Community: An Illustrated Inquiry into Art, Faith, and Courage

A workshop exploration of art's power to transform and embolden ministry. Images culled from different periods illuminate how art, a vehicle of both spirit and conscience, allows truth. Reflection, peer sharing, arts and yoga exercises highlight ways that the creative imagination can increase vulnerability as well as courage, help navigate crises and feelings of anger, and inspire greater leadership.

Stories From My Life: An Illustrated Book Workshop

A 10-session memoir writing workshop for senior citizens. Their life stories were published as illustrated books. Mamaroneck Public Library. 2013. Funded by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation, Westchester Library System, and American Library Association.

"Judith Dupré combines a highly organized curriculum, multi-faceted technical expertise, and deeply-held respect for the story that everyone has to tell. These ingredients allowed her to successfully lead a highly ambitious program to a group of tentative adults, novices in both writing and technical computer skills. The program culminated in high quality illustrated books of memoir, poetry, and narrative that were as affectively moving to their readers as their authors. " 


Participant, Stories of my Life Workshop

"Ms. Dupré treated each of us with unflagging respect and bathed us in her faith in us. She backed up that faith with generously given, highly thoughtful one-on-one editing that was always growth-enhancing. . .Every word was my own but Judith Dupré's abiding faith and skills were my co-authors." 


Joan Falk, Ph.D., poet

"Thank you, thank you! What a great day! When I took my walk around Rowayton after I got home I noticed a pinecone on the road. Ordinarily I would have just left it. It now sits on my desk as a reminder to be present and to nurture my creativity." 


Maureen, participant, Writing the Journey: Autumn 

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